68. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin

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Dragon Inn (1967)

Another  great release from Eureka Entertainment (f*ck cri*terion).

The film itself is a pure delight, with fights, suspense and amazing visual style. Slightly different than the widely distributed (VOD included) ‘Come drink with me’ .

In a way, it has a similar blend of  movie genre elements as ‘ The Hateful Eight’.



La decima vittima (1965)

A good dual format release from shameless-films, with few nice extra features.

the films itself has a good performance/appearance from Ursula Anders, including the choice of colors for her outfits, did not like the ‘futuristic design’ of them though (crazy sunglasses hats). The movie makes sense, has few bizarre scenes (like the opening sequence), but causes frustration at at least few moments. You could call it an early – Italian version of the ‘Purge’ .


Ator the Fighting Eagle (1982) / Red Sonja (1985) – 35mm -B-TO-Z DOUBLE BILL AT CINEMATEK

The  Sword and Sorcery Double Bill


Ator the Fighting Eagle (1982) – directed by the man who partially produced ‘Troll2‘,

The son of Torren – Ator – follows his prophesied destiny to bring the end to the ‘Temple of the Spider’. On the way to meet it he fights witches, un-dead warriors, some kind of female warriors and of course a giant spider. Before his journey starts he manages to marry his sister. A cheap ‘Conan the Barbarian’ ripoff with a touch of feminism.

A mention worth is the fact that they wasted about 20 minutes of the movie to show the birth of Ator, which could be done in 2 scenes, and there is an almighty bear as well.

atorthefightingeagle-thornemi (VHSCollector.com)


Red Sonja (1985) – Brigitte Nielsen’s the greatest film (for me); she looks great in this film (even greater in 35mm), unfortunately by the time of  shooting she posses same acting skill as A.Schwarzenegger, who co-stars in it. That makes them a perfect match of physicality and acting skills. [Did I mention that she looks great on film]. The support actors (Paul L. Smith and Ernie Reyes Jr.) compensate for the lack of acting skills at the  top 2.

The film itself has great cinematography (amazing landscape shots)  and impressive sculptures and sets. Similar as in ‘Ator…’ the dialogues aren’t to smart and deep , but the story does not require that. A great 35 mm experience.