You can(not) redo


The third (3.33) Evangelion film is much more different than the previous ones, it gives a new  world, a world that changed after the 3rd (not complete) impact. Technically and visually – stunning, but not every NGE quirk likes the way the plot took. Would you be much more happier if you would have gotten another replication of the TV show?

If “nothing makes sense and it scares you” and “you’re suffering because you cannot stand the changes” like Shinji Ikari did, then the film managed to convey Ikari’s  state of mind (after he had woken up). Evangelion: 3.33 can (not) be Redone, I only hope there will be an extended version, where there will be space for elaborating on the other characters, where it won’t seem a bit shallow from time to time, a  140 – 160 min cut would be great.

The only thing I can complain about is the pace of the film, sometimes it is just to fast. Speeding up took away a huge part of the Evangelion-watching-experience that I got used to. The proportions between action/fight scenes and “static” moments seem  to be imbalanced somehow.

You can not Redo, but you can Recut.

Found footage

The second feature anthology presentation with the V/H/S sign is really great, the bar has been risen. We get more unpredictable, more terrifying, more funny, more original shorts that blow the viewer away. In almost every anthology collection  there are great and really bad segments, but here you get everything you ever wanted to get in one (no boring segments). Somebody could say that a VHS tape and all the digital hardware that had been used in the shorts don’t fit ,so what , it’s a really good idea for a connection between the films. Would you rather prefer Digital8 instead of VHS ?

“A ride in the park” is the first zombie movie with an extended use of  the “undead first perspective shooting”, this concept is really ingenious.

“Safe Heaven” also takes all the best from a cult-camp-movie and upgrades it in a fabulous docu-style.