get tromatised by Astron-6

Father’s day is a great Astron-6/Troma Entertainment  cooperation result, it felt like watching a good old Troma movie but with a breath of fresh air. Really enjoyable, great gags, unpredictable plot twists and even more.


Manborg  is a different kind of fun than Father’s day,  if you don’t get annoyed by crappy special effects, you will be pleased with what Manborg has to give you.


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Zombie hunter is a different story, it has nice a nice poster and a very promising trailer, but don’t expect too much. Sometimes the trailer is better than the movie itself.  (Yes, Danny Trejo has a  cameo as Father Jesus.)

Hansel and Gretel get Baked

The Hansel and Gretel story told in “action packed – Død snø style” is really entertaining: gory scenes, exploding characters and Gem*a Artert*on kickin’ ass in leather pants is all you need to not get asleep while the story is told.

Hansel and Gretel get Baked is a funny puffin-spoof with a nice opening – credit – sequence. The wicked witch is in the growing business now and you better don’t touch her Gingerbread house after gettin’ the munchies.

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