Netflix (semi-) original series

House of Cards wit K.Spacey seemed a bit to cartoon-ish for me, the weakest Netflix series I got to watch  this year (haven’t seen all the shows though).

The (Netflix) show that everybody has been waiting for this year –  Arrested development – fulfilled  the expectations, the idea of jumping back and forth on a limited timeline is quite good, however you could feel something missing in the last 3 episodes (especially if you had watched the whole 4th season as a 15-bill ).

The are not many women-in-prison-genre TV showsOrange is the new Black made it to the top 3 list of this kind. Created By Jenji Kohan, who was responsible also for Weeds; sometimes you can have the impression of getting a Weeds -like vibe while watching the show (which is not bad at all).

If you don’t wanna miss the best man to werewolf transformation in a TV show you definitely must check Hemlock Grove.  The pace of the show grows a bit slowly – but it is the charm of it.

One shark, 4 Jaws

Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Quinn Mallory’s brother, Carmen Electra and a bunch of well-breasted women are trying to survive an encounter with an unusual shark.

Do not expect Great CGI, sophisticated dialogs and memorable characters. Not as many pairs of naked breasts as expected (less than 10).

If instead of the crappy CGI real machinery would have been used for all the scenes …

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Kyûtî Hanî

The most live action versions of anime or manga usually don’t meet the expectations of the audience, but this cute movie is really enjoyable.

Imagine the Powerpuff Girls metting Takashi Miike,  kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii (or are The Powerpuff Girls a ripoff ?).

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