The work of the living

Every of the last 3  Berlinale editions has a new movie form the Canadian filmmaker Denis Côté, this year we got another “film-essay”, which can also be categorized as documentary-fiction. If you are familiar with ‘Bestiaire’ you might have a clue what’s coming at you during a screening of ‘Que ta joie demeure’, however saying that the film is just  ‘Bestiaire’  but with people is kind of a underrating opinion about the new film.

You could also call this film an observational documentary with mockumentary elements, but there is more to it. At few moments I had the impression I was in a Godard film. No matter what you call it, the film was worth watching. If you’re looking for a new, fresh method to hypnotize the audience Denis C. found it for sure (and probably will not hesitate to use it again). My Rating: 8/10.