Lore (2012) – an official Australian/German Co-Production


Lore is a teenager, whose parents are Nazis, in 1945 it is a complicated situation. Lore and her siblings are forced to go on a journey after which things will never be the same.

The DP did a great job,  the shots of the feat/legs add a nice rhythm to the movie.

The scale of the film and the sets is not big, what it is actually not a bad thing. The movie doesn’t try to be something that it isn’t (like another WW2 super-production), it is a road movie that adds a new perspective to the ‘end of WW2 period’ film genre.

The Interview

Another Rogen / Franco cooperation. Not the best one of all, but a good one.

Few great and funny lines, few really good scenes (ex.gr. the tank against copter duel) . Don’t know why but I like ‘This is the End’ more.

A nice brief summary of Franco/Rogen can be found here.