The Hateful Eight (2015) 70mm roadshow version

Booking  tickets for two 70mm roadshow version screenings  in one day was not a mistake. This has been / is the full cinematic experience.

If you have the opportunity to watch it from a 70mm film print , Do it!

I could write how good the movie is, but there are many, many reviews on the internet.

The only bad thing : In Europe that they don’t give you a nice paper program, as they do it in the US, but it is the only dislike I have.

Mr CINERAMA FRANCE – François Carrin,  the owner of the film projection equipment, gave a nice introduction, showed some film prints and a lens during the intermission, which was a nice addition to the event.

I will watch it few more times in a theatre, and I hope the 70mm copies will be still in circulation for some time.

Thank you Mr Tarantino for one of the best cinematic christmas days ever.



Oculus (2013)

If this had been an R rated ‘doctor who’ episode, it would be one of the greatest and scariest at a time.



Oculus has what most of the contemporary horror films lack, a good story, and it will keep you hooked (almost) till the end.

Mike Flanagan’s writing is remarkable and watching Oculus made me look for other of his films.

check the short film that preceded the full length feature

Oculus: Chapter 3 – The Man with the Plan :