The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

This was not a waste of time for sure,

simple plot, nice humor, great soundtrack, songs also well placed in the film (especially the truck – motorboat -love -scene with this song ).

Some CGI could be avoided, to much Berlin got artificially generated for my eye. They should learn from the German studios how to do it properly.

Also the KGB -Trabant had to much horsepower (more than a real-life one) in some scenes, could this vehicle take part in a John-Woo like chase scene – for sure. here’s the scene’s -anatomy guide.

just found a web quote:

So how do you turn a 26-horsepower Trabant into an action hero? To prepare the 601 for its role in The Man from UNCLE, the film’s stunt team replaced the original 0.6-litre two-cylinder engine with the screaming in-line four from a Suzuki Hayabusa motorbike – and in the process changed the driven wheels from front to rear. The result is a wickedly quick, tail-happy monster.



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