River of Death (1989)

Pretty good cast, including Robert Vaughn as Dr Manteufel, and Donald Pleasence as a Nazi officer.

The movie starts quite promising, but then it goes into trash gradually.

Canon aimed for a Cannibal – Nazi – Indiana Jones – Revenge  combo, but missed by a bit, if not by much.

To watch a revenge film concentrated around the little girl, that we get introduced to at the beginning of the film,  would be quite cool, btw the actress that played her as an adult was quite “good”.

The monologues of M. Dudikoffs character are irritating and have some unintentional humor as well.

I might have seen it before, but not the ‘restored’ version.

Need to re-watch it  with the commentary track.

Were swastikas allowed on a cover in the UK back then ?

Branded with Alistair MacLean’s name for more impact.


Blunt Force Trauma (2015)

Starts like the perfect modern day western,

but reveals it’s flaws with time.

The Idea of ‘the game’  is fresh, the way the duels are filmed is also good, cinematography in general works well for this movie.

Locations are great – shot in Colombia.

Mickey Rourke looks as scary as expected in his cameo.

Unfortunately the pace of the movie goes out of sync few times.

So we have a western-ish feel, then it goes into a drama romance for some reason.

Also you don’t get to attached too the characters from the beginning , they could use a ‘trick’ or two to make the audience bond more with the protagonists.


Alien Covenant (2017)

It’s one of not many sci-fi films, that Katherine Waterston is in. Sh’es good in it, but seems a bit confused.

The movie itself is more of another alien slasher with stunning visual effects (except the shitty CGI in the alien attacks) than a piece that adds something new to the ‘Alien’ series.

Feels like it wasted all the buildup that ‘Prometheus’ created, there is a follow up to it in ‘Covenant’ but it stays in the shadow of the rest.