Dellamorte Dellamore (1994)


Looks good, sounds nice, has characters that you sympathize with.

Eye pleasuring special effects, the most wicked motorcycle – bus-horse-witnessed crash scene on Italian film, and 22-year old Anna Falchi.

The only thing to dislike, is the story line that feels out of sync, it’s like somebody shuffled comic strips from various Dylan dog  stories and spliced them into one movie.

The segments perfectly work separately, but as an unified film they are rather confusing. At the end of the film you find yourself, same as the main characters, at the end of a beautiful road to nowhere.

‘Dellamorte Dellamore” is not bad if a  cinematic-cemetery-one-night-stand is what you’re looking for.

Silk (1986) / Dune Warriors (1990)

Silk (1986) – Cec Verrell is Jenny Sleighton aka Silk, the smoothest cop in Honolulu,  she shoots, climbs, kills and loves. Unfortunately not so much stuff typical to a female characater.

‘ When the heat’s on no one’s smoother than ….’
The theme song is a typical ‘CH Santiago’ soundtrack ‘smash hit’
Dune Warriors (1990) – a Mad Max 2  like post apocalyptic dessert adventure. Swords meet motorcycles and machine guns (the opening scene says it all), felt a bit like ‘7 samurai’ ; and David Carradine is in it.
Lets not forget Rick Hill, who was in ‘The Devastator’.

dune warriors dutch vhs front & back2