The Pervert’s Guide (to galaxy?)

This is a cool concept of a “guide” film,
assuming  you don’t get annoyed with foreign accents
and you’re strong enough to watch it for at least 2 hrs.
I personally prefer the guide to ideology, it’s more entertaining, dynamic and humorous than the first one, looks like they changed the formula a bit after the first one. The guide to ideology uses recent events as examples, which can make the film  more attractive for non-nerdy-geeky-viewers.




How Don Jon Exposed himself and went to rehab

After Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s debut as a writer-director-main-character premièred at Sundance the next festival station for it was the 63rd Berlinale. Don Jon’s addiction tells a story of a modern day Don Juan, that has a certain weakness for internet porn and all the pleasures that come together with it. Despite of being a successful womaniser he still sticks to his internet “vice” which is totally normal according to him. Everything changes when he meets his “dime”…  …the relationship with the dime (played by S. Johansson) takes a different direction than it suppose to, at this particular moment Don Jon starts to befriend himself with the character played by J.Moore. Don slowly exposes himself and his vices to her and really starts to “loose himself in her”…

The plot in the movie unfolds very nicely, we also have few repetitive activities, that are skill-fully marked by the director.  Great acting performances give this  sarcastic, ironic and comedic movie about serious adult things, a great overall value. This indie production is a must see and I hope it gets released very soon, so that a wider audience can enjoy it, as I did.

Exposed is an impressive documentary about the Burlesque scene in NY.  The documentary form Beth B. is  positively surprising. In her film she presents the silhouettes of few performers that  she familiarized herself with. We also have the opportunity to watch the performances of the documentary’s characters, and they are really amazing, sarcastic, ironic, funny, thrilling, perverted, and impressive at the same time, although the language and the tools (body, nudeness, hilarious make up, dance, sarcastic humour, stand-up comedy and many more) can be crushing for some audiences. I personally admired most of the performances I was able to see on the screen.

Considering the amount of time that Beth B. and her (not always numerous) crew needed to complete the movie, we can say it is a nice piece of documentary work. More to that, you can say she gives a great cinematic-documentary-berlesque performance.

Will U still Love me tomorrow is a new movie from Arvin Chen. It touches the matter of the modern attitude to the family model in Taiwan. It shows that a marriage between straight and homosexual people is not a victimless crime. When it comes to the movie itself, it is very pleasant to watch, it has few really good moments. I was afraid it will be another gay-romance, but I was positively surprised with a very complex drama that had not been limited to the gay aspect only.