Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)



Another McDonagh classic…




I am not your negro (2016) / The Misandrists (2017)- 67. Berlinale


I am not your negro (2016) – exceptionally good composed out of Baldwin’s materials. The statements made in the interviews are still powerful and fit the current US / World situation.

The Misandrists (2017) – the Bruce la Bruce film is definitely not a ‘Ferrari la Ferrari’ kind of experience, the better of two Bruce la Bruce films screened at the festival.

Sameblod (2016), Avanti Poppolo (1986), Pokot (2017) – 67. Berlinale WIP


Sameblod (2016)

Avanti Poppolo (1986)

Pokot (2017)  – the worst of the day

Barrage (2017), La libertad del diablo (2017), Strong Island (2017) – 67. Berlinale WIP

moscreenshot-from-2017-02-17-145258Barrage (2017)

La libertad del diablo (2017)


Strong Island (2017)