I had already mentioned the movie here, before I watched it. All my expectations have been fulfilled. A re-watch worth the movie is. Great tribute to the original film, and the whole  psycho-killer-exploitation genre. Forget Fro*do, Frank is from now on the man who’s face will pop-up in your memory, after you have heard Elijah’s name.




Have you seen the 1980’s Maniac movie ? The plot is really simple, a scalp-hunter-killer is on the run in NY and he won’t stop untill…

The movie teems with a lot of splatter, blood and gory scenes, all filmed in the well known grindhouse flicks’ style (this is actually a grindhouse flick). The contemporary filmmakers had decided to get inspired by this William Lustig’s masterpiece and have made a new “version” of it.  So lets get ready for more perverted, weird, bloody material that will come to the theaters soon. I can’t wait.

Śmiertelnie proste

Ponieważ miałem jeszcze w zanadrzu jeden film wykonany przez A. Aja, obejrzałem go dzień po Piranii 3D. Kilka krwawych scen graficznej przemocy i rozwiązanie akcji a’la Fight club z dodatkiem niespełnionej lesbijskiej miłości.

Nadrabiam też zaległości  z filmografii Coenów. Blood simple is a nice simple movie.

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