The Beasts of the silver screen

On the last Saturday of 2012 I went to the movies. I managed to compose myself a nice double-bill (is it still a double-bill if you change the theater?).

I started with:

Beasts of the Southern Wild – a brilliant, moving, and riveting piece of art (there is no exaggerating here). The feelings-waking narration art of this film enables the viewer to experience Hushpuppy’s point of view.  The movie has been shot really good, there is nothing to complain here about. The sound of, and in the movie is almost perfect. The scene during the storm reminded me of the bomb-shelter scene  in Mrs Miniver (they both feel almost the same, same real-like).

Then I changed the cinema to watch:

Life of Pi (in 2D) – this movie stimulated my sense of visual aesthetic very positively. There are few images here, that I will remember. For me, the most valuable aspect of this movie is the visual one.

So, if you want a visual feast go see Life of Pi, but if you demand a film that will play with your feelings and not only with your eye, I advise to watch Beasts of the southern...


Ciekawa historia, podobno prawdziwa. Przejmij największy festiwal, zrób go u siebie, poczuj około milion osób na własnym podwórku, jako wisienka na torcie orgia VW i pływanie oraz spoglądanie na ocean, nad wszystkim czuwa trans – security, więc nie ma się czym martwić, po prostu take the trip.

Święta #1

Wielka miłość z fajną piosenką użytą potem w Bastardi Senza Gloria przez Q.T.

Potem jeszcze Marlena D. u Ernsta L.

Potem jeszcze chińszczyzna:

Potem jeszcze The Host, żeby się lepiej spało.