Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie (2015)


After the Borders of GITS:A, the time for a movie has come, and again this was not a disappointment.  Music similar to the 4 Borders, and still good.  Don’t expect it to be  the new  1995 Mamoru Oshii animation.

And don’t do a real action GITS movie with American actors!


Ghost Stands Alone

Border 1 and Border 2 were great, I had some doubts about border 3, Ghost in the Shell Arise: Border 4 – Ghost Stands Alone is really impressive.

I will have to binge-watch all 4 of them to get the overall impression.

Watch it in Japanese!

Kyûtî Hanî

The most live action versions of anime or manga usually don’t meet the expectations of the audience, but this cute movie is really enjoyable.

Imagine the Powerpuff Girls metting Takashi Miike,  kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii (or are The Powerpuff Girls a ripoff ?).

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