Flaming Star

We have Navajo – Burt Reynolds in Navajo Joe

We have Apache- Burt Lancaster in The Apache

and we have our third Hollywood-Indian:

Half breed  Kiowa – Elvis in The Flaming Star.

The movie itself is a good quality Don Siegel western with songs, shooting, stampede and stabbing (interracial love affair included).

however it’s far away form Rio Bravo.





Audie “the Apache” Murphy

No, it’s not a typo, Audie Murphy is one of the most decorated WWII soldiers America’s, and a star of 44 movies. The following 2 are not his finest but they are also not his worst. Looking forward to watch the remaining 41 films.



Me who watches at home

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Nie wiem, kto byl mniej przkonywujący jako indianin, Burt Lancaster czy Burt Reynolds.