How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Red Hook Summer reminded me of an another Spike Lee Joint – Crooklyn, it also has a bit of Clockers inside. The film manages to put you into a in-da-hood climate, where a sins-from-the-past-story will be told. When the good man teaches, the bible will preach itself. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah.

It happens very often, that movies that had been released on DVD/bluray elsewhere, are celebrating (or awaiting)  their theatrical premiere in Germany. Same happened when it comes to How I spent… (a.k.a. Get the Gringo). I was able to watch it on a sneak peak screening, although I’m not 100% sure if this movie got a real theatrical release in Germany.  But lets get back to the movie itself. This is an exceptionally good Mel Gibson flick (it really is). Sarcastic main character narration, Mexican prison micro-republic environment, nice supporting characters, and a well written story will give almost a Lethal Weapon-like experience.

The D is silent

All the  reviews praising this movie are bullshi*t, Django Unchained is not great, amazing and terrific, it’s much more than that.  If you going to read all the good reviews before attending a screening of Django, you will be expecting a real good movie, and this is not what you gonna get. You will get much much more. The quality of this movie is just indescribable. This is something that you have never seen before (in one movie), this is something that you have always wanted to see in a movie, and this much more that you expect to see in a western (southern). I can confirm that this movie is “fuckin’ battleroyale” or even “fuckin’ battleroaylewithspaghettiandcheese”. It’s like Sergio Leone’s disciple outgrew the master with his skills.

With no hesitation I can say that after watching the movie I have 165 reasons to watch it again (…and again …and again…).


Billy Crash: [after getting shot in the genitals] D-jango, you black son of a bitch!
Django: The “D” is silent, hillbilly.



Cobra Nero

A Fred William flick. Is every movie with him a blaxploitation movie ? I don’t think so. Two things about that movie that I like: the poster, the trailer.

Oh, and there is the car-accident-windshiled-flight scene at the end of the movie, so let’s make it 3.

The also have made 3 more followups to this movie.


The legend of…

Somebody warn the West. Nigger Charley ain’t running no more.