(Brute) Force of execution

As great as the names of the cast of this movie sound as bad this movie can be, and it goes even “badder”. This movie is another argument for bringing back to life the “drive-in phenomenon”. Looking forward to watch Maximum Conviction.


According to imdb.com Jesus Jr. plays the Strip Club Bouncer.

Jenny Gabrielle’s appearance is quite nice.

get tromatised by Astron-6

Father’s day is a great Astron-6/Troma Entertainment  cooperation result, it felt like watching a good old Troma movie but with a breath of fresh air. Really enjoyable, great gags, unpredictable plot twists and even more.


Manborg  is a different kind of fun than Father’s day,  if you don’t get annoyed by crappy special effects, you will be pleased with what Manborg has to give you.


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Zombie hunter is a different story, it has nice a nice poster and a very promising trailer, but don’t expect too much. Sometimes the trailer is better than the movie itself.  (Yes, Danny Trejo has a  cameo as Father Jesus.)

Ta Ostatnia niedziela (Jorda*na Beva*n)