Casting JonBenet (2017/2016)

This was programmed in the 2017 Berlin Film Festival,

for some reason I missed it then.

The film itself is very dark and terrifying at some point.

While being asked about the JonBenet case, people tell  private stories of a similar tone.



Barrage (2017), La libertad del diablo (2017), Strong Island (2017) – 67. Berlinale WIP

moscreenshot-from-2017-02-17-145258Barrage (2017)

La libertad del diablo (2017)


Strong Island (2017)

Death of Superman Lives (2015)

Fuckin* WWW spider !!

I would really watch this movie.

cga superman

A nice documentary, telling the story of one of the greatest movie never made.

As a summary I can only quote A. Jodorowsky from “Jodorowsky’s Dune”