Stories we tell


A story has as many versions as the number of people that it is told by. In her documentary-project Sarah Polley touches the relativity of storytelling using  her mom’s  life’s-story. This film is not another simple nostalgic docu-bio-pic, it’s a riveting, deep , thrilling and touching documentary that will grab your attention until the last second.

An original element of the film  is  implementing reenactments  that are (probably) mixed with the original footage from the family archive – they are a bit distracting/confusing. I guess it also could be the way of trying to show Sarah’s version of the story.

Without hesitation – one of the best films from this year’s Two Riversides Festival’s lineup.



This is a really unique and well made film that will make you think during the screening, but not  in a confusing-distracting-from-the-plot way.

Camiel Borgman was  living in a forest dugout together with his pals (they had their own dugouts), until they got chased away  by a local priest and his die-hard mates. This is the start of a crazy, full of nasty humor, surreal and brutal story. The movie lets you freely interpret what’s really happening in the story (that was actually the creators plan to make a suggestive film) and still stays quite easily assimilable for the viewer.  Dutch cinema at it’s finest.


Muerto y ser feliz

The film started really promising. Nice opening scenes (that introduced us to the main characters and their situations) and the use of a’la french-new-wave-godard narration signalized that we can expect more positive from the film and be more feliz after watching it. Unfortunately the narration has been implemented in (almost) every scene and the story unfolded in a very static way, what made my excitement trigerred at the start of the film muerto.

4,5 / 10.


The Pervert’s Guide (to galaxy?)

This is a cool concept of a “guide” film,
assuming  you don’t get annoyed with foreign accents
and you’re strong enough to watch it for at least 2 hrs.
I personally prefer the guide to ideology, it’s more entertaining, dynamic and humorous than the first one, looks like they changed the formula a bit after the first one. The guide to ideology uses recent events as examples, which can make the film  more attractive for non-nerdy-geeky-viewers.