The legend of…

Somebody warn the West. Nigger Charley ain’t running no more.




I re-watched The Hammer by accident and added That Man Bolt to complete the set. The new movie was actually a positive surprise. Fred Williamson will always be one of the best.


Have you seen the 1980’s Maniac movie ? The plot is really simple, a scalp-hunter-killer is on the run in NY and he won’t stop untill…

The movie teems with a lot of splatter, blood and gory scenes, all filmed in the well known grindhouse flicks’ style (this is actually a grindhouse flick). The contemporary filmmakers had decided to get inspired by this William Lustig’s masterpiece and have made a new “version” of it.  So lets get ready for more perverted, weird, bloody material that will come to the theaters soon. I can’t wait.

Pieces… It’s exactly what you think it is!

Let the qoute from one of my favourite grindhouse websites be the comment on my yesterday’s movie:

To take Juan Piquer Simon’s Pieces at face value (as a slasher/giallo hybrid) is not to appreciate the true work of demented genius that it is. In recent years, Pieces has gained a pretty large cult following and I’m glad I had the chance to see it when I still hadn’t heard too much about it. There really is no way to describe it. I don’t mean in an Eraserhead kind of way, I mean in a holy-shit-I-can’t-believe-I-just-saw-that kind of way. Sure there are gorier, nastier films (Murder-Set-Pieces, August Underground), but Pieces has a sort of cheerful naivete that carries the film right from the screen in to your heart. Don’t believe me? Read on…


3 Though guys

Napisy początkowe w filmieHickoxa w połączeniu z niezłą muzyką M.J.L., tworzą niesamowity klimat, szkoda, że momentami nie zostaje on w całści zachowany. PLAKATY PODLINKOWANE

Not nice…

3 The hard way na pewno nie był lepszy niż ten kawałek BB (excuse me miss to ten kawałek miał być), na pewno nie był lepszy niż większość blaxploitów, które widziałem, poziomem przewyższa lekko Death Dimension (obsada na pewno bardziej gwiazdorska niż DD).

Mr. Nice wcale nie był takim nice filmem…