First-Cow-Perspective: Thou Wast Mild and Lovely

Partially raised on Hitchcock movies – Josephine Decker premiered her directional debut ‘Thou wast Mild and Lovely’ (a movie that Hitchcock himself wouldn’t be ashamed of making) at the Berlinale last Friday. The film’s cast: Joe Swanberg and Robert Longstreet work amazing together, especially when their polarity changes. Sophie Traub’s performance as the frog eating nymphette is outstanding. The DP’s done her job really great, including the unconventional (hopefully not accidental) focus play and the ‘first-cow-perspective’ seduction flashback. Decent cross-genre cinema with a twist, that will keep you thrilled till the end of the movie. 8/10. thou1

The Animals Will Hunt You

A classical family-under-siege-scheme, that has been reproduced many times, with few unconventional viewer pleasing elements, very well made, perfect avoidance of product placement and a great kitchen finale. Gives a nice VHS rental-movie feeling. Watch it!

Drinking Buddies

This is not a bad movie, it’s also not especially great.

1. A Chicago brewery is a nice place to settle the story.

2. The relations between characters are created so, that you can sometimes feel the tension between them – not every movie can give this to the audience.

3. There have been few moments when it felt like watching an acting exercise…



Zaczęło sie od trailera, potem przypadkiem natrałfiłem  na program FFF w Berlinie. Ponieważ czasu za dużo nie mam, wybrałem tylko jeden, własnie ten, i nie żałowałem.

Kilka historii w postaci kaset video, wiadomo jedne lepsze drugie gorsze, ale wszystkie skonstruowane w ten sposób, że chce się je oglądać.

Film polecam. Dla mnie kolejny film-antologia, który można zaliczyć do udanych.