Netflix (semi-) original series

House of Cards wit K.Spacey seemed a bit to cartoon-ish for me, the weakest Netflix series I got to watch  this year (haven’t seen all the shows though).

The (Netflix) show that everybody has been waiting for this year –  Arrested development – fulfilled  the expectations, the idea of jumping back and forth on a limited timeline is quite good, however you could feel something missing in the last 3 episodes (especially if you had watched the whole 4th season as a 15-bill ).

The are not many women-in-prison-genre TV showsOrange is the new Black made it to the top 3 list of this kind. Created By Jenji Kohan, who was responsible also for Weeds; sometimes you can have the impression of getting a Weeds -like vibe while watching the show (which is not bad at all).

If you don’t wanna miss the best man to werewolf transformation in a TV show you definitely must check Hemlock Grove.  The pace of the show grows a bit slowly – but it is the charm of it.

Co do kina

Drugi raz E. McGregor, gra w tym roku dziennikarza-pisarza, w tym przypadku jest jednak dużo weselej, niż za pierwszym razem. Telepatia prawie jak w Scanners u D. Cronenberga, tylko że bez eksplodujących głów. Kupa śmiechu na sali.

Poza tym daw razy z Dżordżem Klunejem, tylko trochę innym niż ten z wąsami (jeden bilet zabrany przez kasjera – W. Allen).