The Masters of schlock: Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014)

After  Not Quite Hollywood and Machete Maidens unleashed we get the Electric Boogaloo, this time Mark Hartley looks deeper into the the Cannon Films. Nice ‘behind the scenes footage’ + a summary of the most relevant works sealed with the ‘CF’ mark + an overview of the key players.  Here a list of all films released by Cannon, can (have) you watch(ed) them all?


Patrick flies again



The new Patrick is not bad, but there is a lot to wish for.

He’s in a coma… …yet he can use the computer, hack phones and hijack cars.

Don’t know if it is the effect of the Cellphone towers, but Patrick’s telekinetic power has much wider range than the ones of 1978 Patrick.

All the new elements to the Patrick story are a quite disappointing.

Kudos to Jackson Gallagher for not blinking at all.

I hoped for much more, this unfortunately is  only a “blow job for (the first) Patrick” film.


Dokument o Australijskim kinie Exploitation a.k.a. Ozploitation. Bardzo ciekawe wypowiedzi, nawet QT się nawinął.


Nieodłączna konsekwencją obejrzenia NHQ było odnalezienie w Archiwum IPN’u jakiegoś filmu Ozplojtajszon i obejrzenie go.


a przed tym wszystkim jeszcze Jean – Luc Godard: