800 Bullets (2002)

If you have to go, go in style.

Personally, enjoyed it.

Listen what Larry has to say:



Bend It Like Beckham (2002)

By today standards:

Racist or at least biased, sexist and feminist at the same time, cheesy and corny, includes some unintended humor. Pretty easy to go through. Contains multiple montages of 17-year old women dressing up in football gear, for some reason. Shot on film (as its from 2002).  27-year old Parminder Nagra’s  and 17-year old Keira Knightley’s characters are about the same age.


Cure (1997) / Foreboding (2017)

After having seen Foreboding at the BerlinFF, a natural consequence was to watch the Cure.

The Cure is hypnotic, raw and thrilling, a 20 year old movie that still has it (full disclosure it was my first viewing ). The last scene is something most of the modern movies (still) lack.

Foreboding has a similar touch, but somehow it’s different than the Cure. The darkness the suspense, and the mystery can be felt in both of them, they just make you wanna watch them till the very end.

2 well crafted films worth watching.

Mr. Kurosawa , I salute you.