Alien Covenant (2017)

It’s one of not many sci-fi films, that Katherine Waterston is in. Sh’es good in it, but seems a bit confused.

The movie itself is more of another alien slasher with stunning visual effects (except the shitty CGI in the alien attacks) than a piece that adds something new to the ‘Alien’ series.

Feels like it wasted all the buildup that ‘Prometheus’ created, there is a follow up to it in ‘Covenant’ but it stays in the shadow of the rest.



Obcy w lesie Sherwood ?

Rec 2 – zakończenie filmu, to chyba nie z tego filmu… :/ shiiiii*t

Robin Hood – ujdzie, jak na ekipe od Gladiatora – są braki ;/

Attack The Block – new aliens on the block.