Kumiko’s Road to Fargo: How an urban legend got converted into a surreal road movie

As the Zellner Bros. said during the Q&A after the screening, the movie has been trigger by an ‘Urban legend‘.

The well ‘Sundance’ acclaimed film ‘Kumiko the treasure  hunter’ is really a piece of a story. [Shot in Japan and US, played by Japanese and American cast] The character of Kumiko is really well tailored, you gonna like her from the beginning.(…)The fable like charm of the movie spiced with surreal elements (like finding the ‘Fargo’ VHS-tape in a cave), that poke the ‘found-footage’ genre a bit (probably [not] on purpose), gives a great viewer experience. (I wonder if a re-watch will also be as enjoyable.)

There are many ‘road movies’ but not many like this one. 8/10