Yann Demange’s new movie is ‘Training Day’ and ‘Casualties of War’ in one and even much more

It is really hard to make an interesting and thrilling  (anti-)war movie, but it has been accomplished when it comes to ’71. All the elements of the movie are really well made/performed. The plot/storyline is packed with suspenseful elements and is 100% ‘pathethic-kitschy-war-hero-scenes’ -free, what made the film as realistic as it gets. 9/10.


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The full length feature debut of  K. Klimkiewicz is a well made drama-thriller. The plot is settled in post 9/11 England and involves air defense industry, a young Arab and a single (horny) drone designer. Is this constellation self a threat to the national security? A great move was not revealing the whole background of Kahil, so we are not really sure what his motives really are. By the end of the film the audience is left at least with one unanswered question:  Is Kahil  one of the 15 innocent collateral damage victims, or the real enemy?

Auss – Piątek – tion + Glasgowploitation




Szkocja, Anglia i reszta świata:

doomsdayEscape from NY 2008, elementy exploitation, latające głowy, dużo odciętych kończyn, Bentley, najazd na tyłek Lary *roft. Ciekawe ile więcej rzeczy mógłby zrobić Snake Plissken, gdyby zamiast opaski miał sztuczne wyjmowane oko z kamerą w środku i podglądem w zegarku.