Ida (2013)

what is not great about this film ? pretty hard to find an answer to this question other than “almost nothing”as this film is just ingenious.

The plot (imdb):

Anna, a young novitiate nun in 1960s Poland, is on the verge of taking her vows when she discovers a dark family secret dating back to the years of the Nazi occupation.

The recent Polish movie that took on a similar subject was W.Pasikowski’s “Pokłosie“,  Ida however takes a different perspective on this. The time period that the movie is settled in has been a great choice from the writers; Shot in B&W and 4:3- another great element of Ida.


The aftermath

After watching this film for the 2nd time, I can confirm that this is one of not many great Polish movies that came out in 2012. It’s also a great comeback for W. Pasikowski, who made his last full feature film in 2001.


Uncovering a WWII crime is not a brand new idea, but if you settle the story in an appropriate way and let it unfold as a good thriller’s story should unfold, you’re gonna get a riveting and hypnotizing mixture, that is really hard to create.

These criteria are definitely fulfilled when it comes to story line in “Pokłosie”. The well done editing gives also a nice pace to it.


The characters had been casted really wisely, you don’t get distracted by retarded mainstream actors, we get harsh, authentic and credible artistic creations instead.
There are few great cameos in the film, like the one of D.Szaflarska.


Few scenes are so grandiloquent and exalted, that they can be interpreted as a bit tawdry and corny by few more-demanding-viewers. (But I haven’t found many of them – some of them recalled the VW-Bus car chase scene in “Psy 2” with orchestral background music).
We also have few cliche-characters and cliche-oppositions, but they don’t spoil the film in a significant way.


Thank you Mr. Pasikowski for this exceptional film,

and for reminding me of the barn scene in this film and of the film itself.


Go West

Go West