Double Dare (2004)

(finally) Just got myself a copy of this (in a way  heartwarming) kickass  documentary



Camino (2015/16), Daylight’s End (2016)

Camino – definitely the better one of these 2 flicks, I expected it to be a crappy B movie, but got disappointed, it was quite good. The main character has a decent back story, the stunts and fights are very well performed by Zoe Bell herself, few good action scene ideas [few stupid ones as well, but not so many]. Quite a positive surprise.

Daylight’s End – even having Johnny Strong doesn’t make this movies stronger.  Main plot-line: people are shooting vampire like zombies all the time;  and when you think it is getting better for a moment it all goes back into the ditch. Less cgi- blood and cgi headshots please.



The Hateful Eight (2015) 70mm roadshow version

Booking  tickets for two 70mm roadshow version screenings  in one day was not a mistake. This has been / is the full cinematic experience.

If you have the opportunity to watch it from a 70mm film print , Do it!

I could write how good the movie is, but there are many, many reviews on the internet.

The only bad thing : In Europe that they don’t give you a nice paper program, as they do it in the US, but it is the only dislike I have.

Mr CINERAMA FRANCE – François Carrin,  the owner of the film projection equipment, gave a nice introduction, showed some film prints and a lens during the intermission, which was a nice addition to the event.

I will watch it few more times in a theatre, and I hope the 70mm copies will be still in circulation for some time.

Thank you Mr Tarantino for one of the best cinematic christmas days ever.



And who you’re fighting for?

Great combination of a  Women in prison-, martial arts- and revenge- movie. Rachel Nichols’ appearance is pretty damn good (IMO she kicked more ass here than in all episodes of Continuum). Zoe Bell get’s reunited with Tracie Thoms again after the memorable team-up in Deathproof. Has there ever been a women only martial arts movie? Now there is one for sure. The fight sequences are dynamic and brutal (Fight Club face smashing multiplied by 10).

The last few scenes of the movie however kinda spoiled the great impression that I gained during the first 85% of the film. The ending could be much more better, and CGI-blood free.


Trzeci weekend tego roku

Między Pierwszym Krakowem, a drugim…

W niedzielę trzeciego weekendu roku, teraz mamy 4tą, naturalną koleją rzeczy i chronologicznie do dat produkcji filmów F.Langa, kolejny, ostatni już niemy, film tego pana. Żona pisze scenariusz a mąż go kręci, i ją pewnie też. Na księżycu są góry zrobione ze złota, więc trzeba tam polecieć. Super scena w stanie nieważkości, niezły patent na pokazanie tego, i to już w 1929tym. Potem rozbili obóz, i zostali tam razem, on i narzeczona jego najlepszego przyjaciela.

A oprócz cyklicznego seansu, to:

Manic, jeśli się nie mylę to chyba pierwszy film, w którym razem pojawiają się Z. Deschanel i J.G.H. Duży emocjonalny ładunek.  ” (…)and everything’s gonna be pizzas and blow jobs.”

Do tego argentyński Los Paranoicos, ze świetną sceną taneczną, i paroma jeszcze innymi świetnymi scenami. Jeszcze Ellen Page a.k.a. Small Newman jeżdżąca na wrotkach w derby. Dodajmy do tego jeszcze The Good Life – kolejny film z Z.D. (których mi już mało zostało). Był jeszcze dokument Withnail &Us oraz Gran Torino.